Sunday, August 21, 2005

Teachers or Landlords?

Mayor Bloomberg’s contention that teachers need to raise productivity in order to justify raises beyond 1.33% a year is interesting.  I’d certainly like to see that concept applied to my personal expenses.

Have you noticed your car's gasoline working 150-200% better over the last few years?  Has your community improved its services 20%, to match your property tax increases?  Has Con Ed been offering you double quality gas and electric?  Has the US Government improved its services by 33%, to match its budget increase?  Do you feel more secure, now that your insurance premiums are so much higher?  Has that home you want to buy become 300% more comfortable over the last five years?

Well, those things haven’t happened to me, either.  When Mayor Bloomberg allowed apartment rents to go up 4% a year, he said renters should be glad the increases were so small.  He neglected to mention anything about their receiving 2.66% per year in better services from the supposedly struggling property owners.

Now, we already know what Mayor Bloomberg thinks.  What do you think--who's more important to this city, teachers or landlords?    
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