Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Guide for the Gullible

That's what 6-figure Unity mouthpiece Leo Casey calls the New York Daily News in his latest missive for Unity propaganda outlet Edwize. After some highly impressive references to Maimonides, Casey enthusiastically points out the fallacies of the Daily News op-ed.

“For instance,” they opine, “the contract stipulates that ‘excessed’ teachers unable to find a position will be placed in vacancies in their district, on the basis of seniority, regardless of their previous performance.” Anyone who has even casually followed developments in the collective bargaining agreement in New York City knows that it now operates on the basis of an ‘open market,’ such that an ‘excessed’ teacher has no automatic placement in another school of the sort described above.

But would Casey bet his double pension on it? I could have sworn I read in Edwize that teachers were guaranteed placement under the new contract, to wit:

...for excessed teachers, there’s always a job for you back home (in your school or district) if you can’t find anything else.

Is Casey nitpicking over whether it's another school? City Sue certainly suggests the possibility of being placed within the district, and therefore, within another school. Which one of them is lying?

Casey continues:

An ‘excessed’ teacher is placed in another school only when he and the principal and personnel committee of the receiving committee all agree it is the right match.

This implies no guaranteed placement. When Unity talks to teachers, they're guaranteed placement. When Unity answers the Daily News, they aren't.

One can only conclude that Unity hacks, like the Bushies, adjust their facts to suit their audience. They value not the truth, but their appearance.

So much for the Unity line about "no politicking" on Edwize. "A Guide for the Gullible" is precisely what you need if you get your info from Edwize or NY Teacher.

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