Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another Great Victory for Mayoral Control

Mayor Bloomberg's buddy Rupert Murdoch is treating him as though he were a teacher or something. His paper, the New York Post has just revealed that New York on-time graduations rank an abysmal 48th out of the 50 largest US school districts.

Education Week says the true rate is only 38.9 percent. The state had contended it was 43.5% while Bloomberg's spinmeisters placed it at 53.2%.

Joel Klein's press secretary, in a nod to recent pronouncements about accountability, claimed it wasn't his fault. Early speculation suggests they plan to blame the UFT at their earliest convenience.

Meanwhile, in LA, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wishes to follow in Mayor Bloomberg's footsteps. Mayor Villaigosa has determined the proud NYC tradition of penny-ante innovation (as opposed to emulating what works) has great potential for the west coast.

(With thanks to Schoolgal!)
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