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Forget Politics

Welcome to the 92nd edition of the Carnival of Education. It seems like only days ago we were at the 91st. Thanks to The Education Wonks for sending the carnival to NY this week.

If the folks you liked won, congrats, and enjoy the carnival. If not, forget about it and continue reading. We've tried to include something for everyone.


offers a very amusing textbook prescription.

This Week in Education shows us Dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden.

And everyone, of course, needs to know How to Freak Out Ninth Grade Girls.


That heartbreakingly Poor, Starving College Student enlightens us on the very odd Educational Policy at Brown University. You'll laugh, you'll cry (and maybe you'll send her a few bucks).

But wait! Here's just what that poor, starving student needs. The Education Wonks tell us How to Get Rich in Public Education. This is just the thing for me and my fellow NYC teachers, who've just been offered yet another contract that fails to keep up with cost of living.

Fearless Leaders

Norm Scott of EdNotes Online explains why NYC big shots Mike Bloomberg and Joel Klein's governing styles have a lot in common with those of totalitarian regimes.

Chaz' School Daze thinks principals would be a lot more effective if they actually taught classes.

Classroom Tips

Radagast offers some practical advice about preventing cheating.

Kate at Teaching Debate offers some tips on what you need to get an effective debate started.

And Loni, homeschool mom to 9 children, gives helpful hints for learning the multiplication table.

Union Business

James Eterno and the Jamaica High School UFT chapter have taken a principled stand against the union's unwillingness to even ask for improved working conditions.

Jeff Kaufman thinks the UFT has sold out rank and file.

In Texas, unions are prohibited from collective bargaining. Consider, though, they seem to have baby showers instead of faculty meetings.

Dr. Homeslice offers Union Bouquet 6.5 for your edification and reading pleasure.

Puzzling Dilemmas

Uh oh. Do you see yourself in any of the thirteen things that drive California Teacher Guy crazy?

Mrs. T. (no relation to Mr. T.) has to wander around with a cart of supplies for her 90 minute classes. The other day, she forgot to pack her cart with quizzes. Chucheria asks--what's a master teacher to do?

At The Art of Getting By, one of the very coolest-looking blogs I've ever seen, Janet can't decide whether her breath is taken away or her class should simply be hauled away.

At I Thought a Think, The Rain wonders whether vouchers will work for everyone. Also, he offers the BIGGEST stories in Washington right now.

Ms. H. of Unaccountable Talk had an unusually demanding Halloween.

And Eduwonk has some interesting analysis on how elections may affect education.


Pissed Off Teacher gets to the root of the issue--the kid just might be stupid.

Joe Williams of The Chalkboard discusses the charming young man who came to school dressed as Adolf Hitler.

Ms. Cornelius can't abide a principal who lacks both judgment and principle.

Not Funny

Happychyck Wonders, but her characteristic contentment is shattered when she learns one of her students has been killed in Iraq.

Mamacita at Scheiss Weekly offers something magical but sad nonetheless. Also, some kids are hard to get through to. But if she can't do it, who could?

Schools Matter reports Army recruiters telling prospects not to worry--The Iraq war is over.

Life's Little Challenges

Public Education Defender has an American History Required Knowledge Test. How well can you do?

Carol of The Median Sib is preparing for what must be the evaluation to end all evaluations, as it seems to require so much paperwork it precludes her from doing anything else.

Mr. R. at Evolving Education just got a bonus, and doesn't oppose merit pay sufficiently to return it.

And Mr. Lawrence of Get Lost Mr. Chips is justifiably paranoid about students who touch him.


Graycie, over at Today's Homework, writes a parent to say what many of us would like to, though our internal editing apparatus won't permit it.

Do you have what it takes to be an elementary school teacher? April May will tell you (Her students say the darndest things).

Diane Weir doesn't want school bands at political rallies.

Me-Ander tells us that even prompt, conscientious teachers have to be late sometimes.

And The Science Goddess is sick and tired of the election season. While I'm on the subject, she will be hosting the next Carnival of Education. Don't forget to send your contributions to the_science_goddess[at]yahoo[dot]com by 6 p.m. PT., Tuesday, November 14th.

Testify Some More!

Mister Teacher at Learn Me Good is disturbed by his students proclivities toward ratting out one another.

Ms. Whatsit seems to have had it with English only proponents. She'll show them a thing or two (not that they'll understand).

A History Teacher offers a new twist on War--What is it Good For?

Wenchy Poo holds court on elements of character.

And the Professor over at Right Wing Nation attributes a lot of fuzzy academic nonsense to "Groupthink." Hmmm...let me discuss that with my peers and decide what we think.

Violence in the Classroom

Dr. Deborah Serani wonders how we can stop school violence.

First year NYC teacher Ms. C. has been having a rough year. First, she was assaulted by a student. Then, the kid received only a five-day suspension, despite 8 written accounts of violent behavior. She was not permitted to attend the school hearing for fear things might get "adversarial." After all that, the kid waltzed right back into her classroom.

What to Teach?

Philosophy, et cetera, thinks we're offering too much et cetera and too little philosophy.

Wa Salaam is optimistic about high schools in the US emphasizing writing once again.

A Girl Who Asks Too Many Questions writes about a sex education program that stresses communication rather than the most efficacious methods of placing condoms on bananas.

And Chinese Beyond the Textbook suggests we learn Chinese with Harry Potter.

And Just in Case...

Here's how you dismantle an atomic bomb.

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