Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Principal Bites the Dust

Well, here's one even I can barely believe.

A flamboyant Queens principal who has been hailed by Chancellor Joel Klein once used students' lunch money to help foot the bill for limos to the premiere of a school-produced rap video, investigators charged yesterday.

And it appears to be 30 thousand bucks' worth, too. He seems to have other charms as well:

Blake, who was once cited by Klein for improving school safety, punched, choked and threatened a 13-year-old student last year for making remarks about his son, who also attended IS 109, officials said.

Where in the world do they find these principals? It seems like they're falling like leaves off the trees. Could it be the pressures of having to perform for Mike and Joel are too much for ordinary humans? Could it be that the largest class sizes in the state, facilities more suited to prisons, and the lowest pay in the area for teachers are not precisely ideal reforms for a city seeking educational improvement?

And if it is indeed just a bunch of bad principals, when, if ever, will people start to question the judgment of those who select them?

Thanks to Schoolgal

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