Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stuff Teachers on Vacation Say

Hello all! If you're a New York City teacher, you're on vacation this week as a result of that strange creature known as "midwinter recess." Hope you are enjoying your break so far. As you can see by the timestamp on this post, I am enjoying mine!

Inspired by this YouTube video, and also by my strong desire not to think about how 40% (or 100%, really, when you get right down to it) of my worth as an educator will be determined by some anonymous test-taker who does not know or care about me, my students, or their individual challenges and gifts, I decided, for today, to compose a short "Stuff [because this is a family blog, after all] Teachers On Vacation Say." You may feel free to borrow it as a shooting script for your own clever YouTube video if you like. I don't do videos.


[rubbing eyes upon waking] Oh, my, it's...it's...LIGHT outside!

[in the restroom] Wow, I can go to the bathroom WHENEVER I WANT!

[while reading the paper] Awww, heck yeah! Sale on business casual separates at TJ Maxx!

I'm going to read this book that I will never, ever teach in a class, just because I think it looks good!

[whenever leaving the house while on vacation--elementary school teachers] Auuughhh! CHILDREN!!!

[whenever leaving the house while on vacation--high school teachers] Auuughhh! TEENAGERS!!!


What I, Miss Eyre, actually said at the beginning of my break last Friday, to a colleague:

"Do you know if the building is going to be open next week?"
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