Monday, January 28, 2013

Misogynist in Chief

Mayor Bloomberg is certainly free to speak like a junior high school student. After all, it's a free country. If he thinks women should be judged by the color of their hair, by whether or not it's gray, that's certainly his prerogative. If he wants to admire their figures, and make juvenile sexist comments in public, that's fine too. After all, since Michael Bloomberg is the epitome of what every woman desires, since he's an absolutely perfect physical specimen, he should have the right to rate women.

I only wish he had begun doing so this publicly before he'd purchased term three.

It seems to me that a person with such crude thought processes would display them not only in how he looks at women, but also in how he deals with people. As one recent example, I'm certain that he lied about the evaluation system with the UFT. In a sense, I'm grateful he blew up the deal, which I did not support.

But here's the thing--you really can't negotiate with a liar. Liars cannot be trusted. This is far from the first time Bloomberg has lied to us, or about us. I hope the UFT has finally learned this.

Finally, perhaps you were unaware that Mayor Bloomberg sang country music on weekends. He does that when he flies out of town and we're all shoveling out of a snowstorm. Here's a recent performance.

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