Sunday, April 27, 2014

Taco Bell Is the Common Core of Fast Food

I keep seeing commercials for Taco Bell breakfast, and while I watch them, from time to time, my mind says I should go try one of those things. Here's the problem. I'm actually quite fond of Mexican food, and every few years something tells me to go in and try one of those things. Actually, the last time it was my daughter, who developed a fondness for it since she and her friends discovered they could walk there from her school.

And yet, every time I try this joint I ask myself, "Why did I do that?" Nothing they serve is ever as pictured, and even if it were it would not be worth eating. While I don't eat at McDonald's, I always figure their food must at least taste good, or why would it be so popular, with a restaurant in pretty much every town in America?

So I have to figure the way Taco Bell does breakfast is the way they do everything else, which is very badly.

That's why it's awfully hard to believe people who say the issue with Common Core is the implementation. In one respect, they're right. For example, in NY State, if we hadn't implemented it, we'd surely have fewer problems with it. If our kids weren't taking Common Core tests in addition to Regents exams they'd be spending less time testing. If the new tests, for which our kids were totally unprepared, hadn't failed 70% of our children, they might not seem so awful and counter-productive.

And yet folks like John King, Bill Gates, Andrew Cuomo, and Barack Obama say we should move forward with this program. The problem with this theory is that zero of these education experts choose to send their kids to schools in which Common Core is used. It's good enough for our kids, but not theirs.

It's not what I want for my kid, or yours.

If Taco Bell wants me to eat a waffle taco, of whatever such abomination they've developed, they'll need commercials with not people named Ronald McDonald, but rather actual documentation that Gates, Obama and King eat this stuff. I give Cuomo a pass because his girlfriend is Sandra Lee, and if you've ever seen the sort of food she comes up with, we already know what his culinary standards are.

I've still got higher standards for my kid, and for the kids I teach. I won't feed them fast food, and I won't teach them fast food English either.
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