Sunday, February 26, 2017

In Which I Am Engaged by Another Great Unity Mind

I love when people just hand me a blog fully realized. On Twitter, I saw something about Chelsea Clinton running for office. Someone responded with something like, please, no more Clintons. I tweeted that and someone said, "I'm STILL with her."

I responded by saying I voted for her, but I was pretty mad about the terrible, terrible consequences of her candidacy. Another person, who claims to be the UFT rep for District 30, responded to my retweet with this:

Let's examine this. We'll put aside all the actual reasons Hillary lost, because they do not appear to concern this person at all. First of all, the epithet "Bros" is short for "Bernie Bros." It's a stereotype for anyone who supported Sanders. You see, anyone who says anything that doesn't support the Clintons must of course be Sanders supporters. They are, therefore, mindless thugs who just follow the crowd, to be condemned as a group, you know, like Trump does with Mexicans and Muslims, and much of the press does with teachers. I'm a little surprised to be paying this person to publicly indulge in stereotypes, but there's nothing in the Unity loyalty oath that says you can't.

I also love the "Take all the Bros with you" part. Can you think of anyone in the news who wants to just get rid of an entire group of people? I'll give you a hint. He has an orange face, a big yellow thing on top of it, and he is President of the United States. Historically, this whole getting rid of an entire group of people thing has had pretty bad consequences for many. But I digress.

It's odd that the tweeter blames me for the Trump victory, since I voted for Hillary. But what do I know? We Sanders supporters are all alike, and even if we voted for Hillary we didn't. But when I called the person on that, among other things, I got this response:

You see how that works? Why bother with free and fair elections? They just get in the way. That's why the Unity Caucus just changes the rules when they don't like the results. Opposition win a VP spot? Change the rules so the high school teachers don't get to pick their own VP. District Rep isn't Unity? Eliminate elections altogether and just pick any damn person you like.

I just want to remind you that Unity is the same caucus that declined to place Donald Trump's name in a resolution condemning racist acts around the country, among other things. They were loath to offend Donald Trump supporters. Yet this Unity Caucus member has no issue insulting and stereotyping those of us who are passionate about universal health care, a living wage, and affordable college. Evidently our greedy priorities, and not the failure on the part of Hillary to get out the vote, made Trump President.

I love it when Unity folk engage me. I'm here every day. Do your worst.
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