Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Cynthia Nixon for Governor

She has that unfortunate last name, and she made a remark about union concessions. This notwithstanding, what's in a name, the remark was a one-off, and I see her as the best person to unseat the amoral creature who now governs our state. Cuomo is a horror who's publicly vilified us in order to gratify the caprices of Eva Moskowitz and her hedge-fund buddies. He jumped up and down over the prospect of judging us via junk science, and then called the system he pushed "baloney" because not enough teachers were fired.

I'm a lifelong Democrat. For decades I voted for every Democrat that came down the pike. It took me a long time before I realized what Bill Clinton did to get himself reelected after his health care debacle. He essentially rebranded himself as a moderate Republican. This became the wave for New Democrats, and Cuomo rode in on that wave, vowing to go after unions in his first term.

That was too much for me. I voted for Green Howie Hawkins twice in protest. But I don't believe in protest votes as a go to. I believe Nixon has a chance to actually win, something Hawkins won't do in a million years. I also believe Working Families Party, now that it's finally come on its own, is worth supporting.

Nixon has continually spoken out on the right side of education, and that means a lot to me. Her celebrity doesn't hurt either. She already appears to be pushing Cuomo to the left. This is a direct result of her celebrity, and this is an advantage she holds over not only Hawkins, but also brilliant Zephyr Teachout. In fact, with Nixon out there, maybe this will open the door to getting Teachout in government where she belongs.

I'm not alone in thinking that Nixon could topple Andy. It would be great to see celebrity work positively in politics. We all know too well that the President of the United States used it, along with his incredible bluster, to overcome his opponents. Maybe we can use it to elect someone sensible, articulate, and intelligent.

Think of what it would mean to have a truly progressive governor. Maybe we could achieve statewide universal health care. Maybe progressive Democrats could take the Senate for real this time, without Simcha Felder or the IDC or any such nonsense standing in our way. Maybe we could be a beacon, leading the country toward a long overdue moral imperative.

Cynthia Nixon pays attention to someone I consider the foremost authority on American education:

That's more than you can say for Andrew Cuomo, who wouldn't know Diane Ravitch from Diane Sawyer. Andy remembers only his contributors. Can you imagine having a governor who paid attention to Diane Ravitch instead of Eva Moskowitz? What would it be like if the person in charge of governing our state knew the difference between junk science and research? Could it spark a national trend? I'm thrilled at the possibility of thoughtful, intelligent people looking to do the right thing in government.

There's a new group called Labor for Nixon. I love the idea of a group that represents Labor, and I see my friend Mindy Rosier's name on it. I told her she could add mine. I'm thrilled to be part of something that could topple the execrable Andrew Cuomo and bring us closer to the state we need to be, and perhaps even move us toward the country we need to be.

I'd love to see a viable Labor Party. Maybe this is a new beginning. That's why Cynthia Nixon wins the much-coveted NYC Educator endorsement for Governor of NY State.
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