Friday, September 28, 2018

Sexual Harassment and the Working Teacher

I've now wasted a great deal of time trying to log in to the sexual harassment training thing mandated by the geniuses at Tweed. Yesterday I tried again to log on, and you can see the result. This is on a school computer, and not the first time I've tried a school computer.

I decided to try again after another member, who actually got on, told me she did manage to log in. However, the bell rang before she could finish, she logged off, and when she logged in again she had to start from the beginning.

This was a contradiction of something an administrator told me. On the other hand, administrators have their own computers and don't need to log in and out. They also have longer periods of time to do this thing. So perhaps they find it easier. I find it impossible.

I wrote UFT, and I was told they're asking the chancellor for an extension. Evidently I'm not the only person with these issues.  I wrote an email to the trouble line the DOE provided, and they robo-sent me an email. It provided me with the following information:

1.       On the “Safari can’t verify the identity of the website “”
2.       Click “Continue”

They also provided info for other browsers. As you can see, that was not my issue. I wrote them back. They sent me the same email, again. I realized that their help line was simply sending the same email out, and wrote once more as a test. Same thing. Some help. However, there was another email address at the end, in case you had other issues. So I wrote to them.

I got almost exactly the same email I had received three times, except it was headed by a big warning that I had to use a DOE computer. But I was using a school computer. It is incredible that they muster the audacity to make this mandatory, give a cutoff date, and make it so incredibly difficult. I've wasted well over an hour of my time trying to take this thing. The only thing I've learned so far is how to restrain myself from doing violence to a city computer.

In our school. there are other problems. There seems to be the assumption that everyone in the city does Meandering Mondays and Torture Tuesdays. In our school, though, we've spread things over class periods. There are a whole lot of teachers in our building who haven't got an hour to take a webinar designed by the geniuses at the DOE.

I don't really know what the problem is, and it's getting a whole lot harder to care. My job is nuts, and I am very, very busy. I don't have time to plod through poorly designed websites that never work. I don't have time to write four emails to robots I thought would be people. I'm not remotely inclined to sexually harass anyone at all and I very seriously doubt that the idiots who designed this inept exercise in nothing have anything whatsoever to teach me, or anyone.

Update: I finally got a non-robot reply from them. It suggested I speak with an administrator. Actually I tried that weeks ago. The administrator had the same list that was on the email. Some days I feel like it would be great to have a job at Tweed, where total ineptitude doesn't matter at all.
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