Monday, October 29, 2018

UFT Executive Board October 29th--Contract Voting Results Will Be Released Sunday

6 PM  Secretary Howard Schoor welcomes us.

No speakers


President is not here.

David Kazansky—Last week has been horrific and violent, from pipe bombs to president’s opponent, to two innicents shot in Kentucky, to Tree of Life Synagogue. Asks for moment of silence.

Staff Director’s Report—LeRoy Barr—Sunday is Teacher Union Day. Carmen Alvarez receiving Charles Cogen Award. Asks for votes on November 6. Ballots important. Upcoming resolution on a ballot proposition. Contract voting in progress. Wants ballots by Wednesday. Count on Friday. Bronx Parent Conference coming. DA Nov. 7th. Next Exec Board Nov. 5th.


Mike Schirtzer—Were also verbal attacks by Pres. against migrants, Muslims, Central Americans—DOE has respect for all policy—Can we push chancellor and DOE to make sure they push this policy, perhaps backpack it, considering what’s going on?

Schoor—We will work on that.

Arthur Goldstein—When I was a little boy, we went to the World’s Fair in Queens. They had push button phones and they were amazing. I’ll bet in 1970, when they were installed in UFT offices, they were incredible.

I’m particularly concerned about this because we need to turn our State Senate blue. You probably know that the legislature has passed universal health care for our state each of the last few years, only to have it drop dead in the Senate. We’ve resolved to support universal health care.

In Canada, that’s how they did it. They enacted health care province by province. If we take the first step in New York, maybe California will follow, and someone in Kentucky will wonder why they don’t have it. What would it take to bring our calling centers into the twenty-first century?

Jonathan Halab
i—Thanks for speaking about Louisville and Pittsburgh. Hopes to make a more general statement or resolution.

—Mulgrew had press statement.

—Sentiment is important to put forward. I’m member of UFT Caucus. I support contract, but I’ve heard people voting no have had difficulty putting literature in boxes. Want to make sure, before elections, that DRs get copy of Baserman decision. Says people within school may put teacher caucus material in boxes at any time.

—We have that policy, and last election Mr. Barr took care of it. We will continue.

KJ Ahluwalia—ATR numbers this year compared to last? How do we stand in terms of class violations?

Schoor—UFT paper says class size is down.

Mike Sill—Didn’t bring last year’s number. These are pre-October 15th numbers, Were 800 last year, but now is 874. Expect it will be lower soon.

Schoor—New contract talks about ATRs, and placement, if passed, will begin in September

Michael Mulgrew—Says this week is Teacher Union Day. Would like to celebrate school communities, 100% union and others. This is an election week for us. Tom Murphy isn’t here, but we are becoming more active outside, and are working in NC, NJ, FL. Keep plugging away, please thank them. It’s tough out there. FL Governor race is ugly. We are on front lines. Since Sunday is Teacher Union Day—should we hold election results to Sunday for Teacher Union Day? If we do that, observers must sign confidentiality.

Moved and seconded.

Kate Martin—concerned because members of DA worry over lack of transparency. May alienate people, think they’re holding something, and it might be a bad look.

Arthur Goldstein— I would like to know as soon as possible.

Delores Sozuponi—Thinks celebrating on teacher union day by releasing then is better.

Question called.

Ayes have it, will be released Sunday.

Mulgrew—Still negotiating with DOE about timeline implementations. Major issues are operational committee and para due process. Last week para was suspended without pay due to allegation. Hope to conclude by Friday. Having early contract not norm. Will put out info after contract vote.

Thanks people on campaigns. Very big deal to win Senate. Have to get law changed on test scores being part of evaluation. Don’t want to extend moratorium, want law changed. Need to say NY cannot mandate test scores in teacher evaluation. Thanks everyone doing political work.

Schoor—thanks Executive Board for maintaining confidentiality during Contract Committee. DOE may not be able to, but we can.

Reports from Districts—

Sterling Roberson
—Reports on CTE HS fair Saturday at Westinghouse HS. Many teachers and schools came out. 500 teachers and students, thousands of parents, despite rain. Thanks all.

Paul Egan—Eagles and Chelsea won, ruined by Red Sox winning series.

There are a number of races in the Senate, only one in city we may flip is Marty Golden. We have done a lot of work there. Thanks those working on campaign. Polls are mixed. Brand new voters may be key. Doing phone banks. Working with outside people. Have 73 in district alone. Higher turnout with younger voters, we win. 6,000 members in district.

Have shots in other parts of state—Goren may take Marcelino seat. Bill Larkin’s been in seat for long time, and he was getting democratic vote. Good will doesn’t transfer to current candidate. Looks like another pickup.

Anna Kaplan/ Elaine Phillips is tossup. Turnout could change things. Few of our Suffolk members vote, but we could be up 4 to 6. John Brooks is at risk, but is doing better. Upstate seats also in play.

November 6th is Election Day. Vote to flip Senate.

—Flanagan says NYSUT is evil. COPE money going to our candidates.

Resolution condemning Kavanaugh Confirmation Process

LeRoy Barr—Not about fact that process took place—about what happened during process. Was a sham. Fact that there was an attack on assault survivor is outrageous. We believe survivors. Important we write this and condemn process, and disbelieving survivors. Asks you vote for this.

Kate Martin—Corrects typo in second whereas.

Schoor—Editorial change, done.

Passes unanimously.

Resolution to celebrate 58th anniversary of first UFT strike

George Altamari
—This is a holy recommendation to all those in UFT, in labor, all those who want greater freedom, greater justice. Would’ve been failure without organization, dedication of those who came with merger. Was momentum Action through Unity and Teachers Guild. Were stuck at 1000 members. Together, we had 3,000 out of 50,000 and we had chutzpah to merge. Went into Spring term, Mayor Wagner gave in, and we called off a strike in 1960.

We had time to analyze what we did. When we prepped for first strike we had courage to be tested, but didn’t have a system to turn 3K members into majority of 50K teachers. Used Delaney Cards. District reps were originally chairs, unpaid. We gave them special Delaney cards. Entered with six promises, including right to collective bargaining. Had no lunch period, needed doctor notes to be sick. No class size regs.

When we didn’t get six promises, we voted for merger, for strike. Picked day before Kennedy’s election. We knew we would be fired, but we would see if Democratic Party would help. Law said you lose job and any chance of getting it back. Had 3K of 50K and tackled giants. Relied on those who organized school by school. You could see with Delaney cards who was picketing what.

We hoped to hear from Democratic Party. We didn’t. We were paying half for medicine. We had to strike even though we were fired, and we were. We decided no strike is ever lost, and went on to win.

Passes unanimously.

NYC Charter Amendment proposals

Paul Egan—NYC charters have three pieces on back of ballot. One is three are on back of ballot. Want to encourage members to vote. Recommend first proposal we vote yes. Would reduce amount any one person or organization can give, give voice to small donors and working people.

Passes unanimously

We are adjourned 6:55.
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