Thursday, August 08, 2019

The Socialist Menace

It's right up there. Fox News graciously created the graphic to inform their viewers about AOC's terrifying program. You can see, right there, how it starts. There it is, that Medicare for All. That means every American would have health care. No more will people with chest pains have to decide between going to the ER and dropping dead of a massive coronary.

This is an unmitigated disaster. Not only will we have to give up our precious co-pays, but Americans will no longer have their God-given right to face bankruptcy due to catastrophic medical emergency. They haven't got that right in awful places like France and the United Kingdom, probably because they hate our freedom.

As if that weren't enough, they're going to take the right of pharma companies to charge many times what they do everywhere else in the world. Americans will be able to buy insulin, epi-pens, and who knows what else without taking out second mortgages. Socialist bastards.

Then they want everyone to have housing and a job. How is that fair? Who's gonna buy loosies at the bodega once that happens? Not only that, but Fox somehow missed the fact that the socialists want to raise the minimum wage and make sure everyone makes enough to, you know, live. How the hell is business supposed to flourish in an environment like that, even though it manages to do so in just about every country in Europe?

Of course, they're coming for our guns, just because a few schools got shot up. And no, they don't want to arm teachers to dissuade the miscreants or mentally ill, the ones who Trump now says he wants to keep guns away from, after moving to make it easier for mentally ill people to get them. If we let the socialists take over, who's going to fight for the right for mentally ill people to have guns, while concurrently paying valuable lip service to opposing their having guns? Answer me that, socialists.

Then you move down the list, and they want to end private prisons. How the hell are people going to profit off the misery of others if we do that? Then the government will be back in the prison business, giving health care to sick prisoners whether it's cost-effective or not. They'll have to serve prisoners real food instead of whatever they're getting now, and that will cut into the profit margin. How's anyone supposed to make a buck when we run things like that?

They want to abolish ICE and stop terrorizing immigrants who are trying to work. Just yesterday, there was  a raid and ICE rounded up hundreds of undocumented immigrants. So what if they separated a mother from her children? The law is the law, and we ought not to bend if for anyone, no matter how cruelly we wield it. Unless, of course, it's someone important like President Donald Trump, blatantly profiting and pouring federal money into his own businesses. Or foreign nationals interfering with our election, if they're doing it the right way.

Solidarity with Puerto Rico? Please. Didn't we already throw them those paper towels? Mobilizing against climate change? Does that mean we aren't gonna use coal anymore? How do they expect us to heat NYC schools? Let's put coal furnaces in every school in the country, and send our children down to the mines to support America.

Another outrage is clean campaign finance. How's someone like Michael Bloomberg supposed to buy elections anymore? How's a self-respecting billionaire supposed to buy an exemption to term limits, one-time only for himself and his cronies, just to extend his grip on power, a grip he'd bought fair and square? How will billionaires like Bloomberg be able to defy the twice-voiced will of the people via ballot? And what is this higher education for all? You mean everyone will have access to college, even people who can't scrape together the cash for exorbitant tuition?

And then there are those women's rights. This is an old, old story, and the socialists have been pressuring us to give women rights ever since suffrage. Women have already brought down great American heroes like Roger Ailes and Bill O' Reilly, and who's gonna be left on Fox to give us the no-spin zone if we keep doing this? Also, if we pay women as much as men, then what will we have to brag to women about?

And it's not only women those bastard socialists want us to support. We have to support LGBTQA, which means people will get to use any bathroom they want! Do you let people use any bathroom they want in your house? Can you imagine the consequences of such nonsense? And then they want us to support seniors.

Finally, they want us to curb Wall St. gambling. What's up with that? It's the American way. And what's the risk? The fact is, if they screw up on Wall St., we have the entire American treasury at their disposal to bail them out. Everyone knows they're too big to fail. If we fritter away our money paying for health care for ordinary Americans, making sure people have jobs and college, how are we going to help banks when they screw up by gambling all their money on bad deals?

Those damn socialists must be stopped at any cost.
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