Saturday, February 22, 2020

No, You Are NOT Eva Moskowitz, and You CANNOT Recruit Students for Political Campaigns

I received the following letter in my DOE email:

Hi Arthur,

My name is Emma with the Elizabeth Crowley Campaign. Elizabeth is running for Queens Borough President in the March 24th Special Election. I wanted to reach out about volunteer internship opportunities we’re offering students. Students will develop communication skills by contacting voters directly, attend local political events, and learn the nuts & bolts of campaigns from experienced staff. This can also count towards students’ volunteer hour requirement. You can learn more about Elizabeth here:

Could you pass the opportunity along to your students? You can check out the full description and sign up here.

Additionally, we’re starting on-campus recruitment next week and I would love the opportunity to talk to your students about this internship opportunity. Do you have time for a member of Elizabeth’s campaign staff to visit your class for ten minutes to talk about our program & answer any questions in person?

Thanks for your help, 

Emma Roberts
Field Director
Friends of Elizabeth Crowley

Here's the letter I sent out to members in response:

Last week I received an email in my DOE account asking me to volunteer students to work on Elizabeth Crowley's campaign for Queens Borough President. I don't live in Queens and I have no opinion about Ms. Crowley one way or the other.

However, it would be a terrible idea for you to recruit your students for a political campaign of any sort whatsoever. What if a student's parents disagree with Crowley's policies? It's our job to teach students, not to recruit them to work for any politician.

I find this request to be unethical, and if you take Ms. Crowley up on it, I predict a letter in your file, at the very least. Don't even think about it.

Best regards,


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