Thursday, March 26, 2020

Where's the Leadership?

A few days ago, Bill de Blasio said he didn't think NYC schools would reopen this year. Today, he said he hoped to have them open by April 20th. It sounds like he's been listening to Donald Trump. Of course, school openings are not what's on Donald Trump's reptilian little mind:

President Donald Trump says he’s willing to help blue-state governors who are struggling to contain coronavirus outbreaks — but only if they’re willing to stop criticizing him in exchange.

“It’s a two-way street,” Trump told Fox News on Tuesday. “They have to treat us well, also. They can’t say, ‘Oh, gee, we should get this, we should get that.’”

To Donald Trump, the most important thing here is not whether or not people get ventilators, or medical care, or hospital beds, or get to continue living. Donald Trump's priority, rather, is that people say nice things about him. It's funny that this is so important to him.

I'm a leader of sorts, albeit on a much smaller scale. I learned very quickly that whatever you do, not everyone will be pleased. You have to listen carefully, do the best you can, and make decisions. Of course if you pick red, someone will want blue. If you aren't willing to endure the slings and arrows, you'd better get a different kind of job. Maybe you could get a nice job sitting in an office cubicle somewhere doing whatever people do in those things. Don't you think the world would be a better place if Donald J. Trump were in a cubicle somewhere?

A friend of mine texted me earlier today, disgusted that Andrew Cuomo was saying good things about Donald Trump. Now that I've read this story, I understand why. If Cuomo can save lives of New Yorkers by indulging the Child-in-Chief's monumental ego, it's just part of the job somehow. TV news being almost all the same these days, I avoid watching it, and I avoid watching Cuomo, but I've seen him a few times. Despite all the nonsense he's perpetrated against teachers, I find myself looking at him and saying, "Look at that guy. He's a grownup and he's not insane." I used to think that was a low standard, but things I've seen and experienced over the last week or so have made me reconsider.

It looks like Joe Biden, who only crawls out of his coffin for special occasions, has decided not to bother debating Senator Bernie Sanders. You can see Bernie on the Senate floor calling the GOP to task for their insane priorities. Perish forbid they should give poor people a little more than they usually have, even as Wall Street gets trillions, you know, the trillions Joe Biden said we didn't have to insure healthcare for all. Biden made an awkward statement from his awkward basement studio, even as Trump's insane handling of the crisis is approved by 60% of the American people.

I guess it's appropriate that an insane situation is monitored by and insane person. But it's compounded by the fact that we as a nation are insane enough to approve of his lies and selfishness. Who's going to lead us through this crisis, and how can we elect an actual leader in November?

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