Monday, May 10, 2021

UFT Executive Board May 10, 2021--City Not Cooperating on ERI, and Two Junior Bloombergs Want to Be Mayor

UFT Secretary LeRoy Barr--Resolutions on nominations passed. Amended to add an endorsement for Bill Perkins. 

Rich Mantel--Supports resolution amendment. Perkins stood with us against charters, during Bloomberg, for funding, has been great friend. Speaks in support of other candidates as well. 

Elizabeth Perez--Speaks in favor, says we need friends, that Perkins has always stood for us, as have other candidates. 

Joseph Surpris--Also supports. Says candidates share our priorities.

Ali Fisher--Supports. Candidates align with our opinions and interests. Support better public schools, billionaire tax, smaller class sizes. 

Rashad Brown--Calls question.

Resolution as amended carries. 

Tammie Miller--Thanks all who attended event for essential workers. Great ceremony.

Howard Sandau--Nurse recognition event. Was emotional after COVID pandemic and working in ICU. Things are much better now, but brought us back. Was great to be with everyone. Recognized nurses all over city. 

Rashad Brown-Pride Committee, movie for students, Moonlight, 18-20th of May.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew-- Busy time of year, teacher and nurse appreciation. 

DOE--When you're near the end of an administration things get weird. Primary in June has made it weirder. Admin wants to remain relevant, so city budget is a fight for us. Have not engaged in Early Retirement Incentive. 

We are offering graduating seniors one hour with counselor. Partnered with CUNY and SUNY. City council helping. 

Training for social emotional health ongoing, sessions are full. 

Since we can't get meaningful engagement, we will have to help schools ourselves with 520 plan, especially with class size reduction. After years, we were able to get staffing ratio for nurses. If governor doesn't sign can be overridden. 

Will be NYT story about how UFT and AFT have opened up support for Stringer and others. Mayor's race will really get hot and heavy now. Something we thought was happening seems to have come to fruition. Agency run by Bradley Tusk, who campaigned against UFT running Yang campaign, and Students First giving 6 million to Eric Adams. These groups have worked to get city hall back. They are now major players with two candidates. Will get ugly. All the colocation fights can be tied to these agencies. Every time something bad happens, you'll see them involved when it comes to us. 

We know who these people are, and we thought Adams would work with Students First. Thanks groups who did vetting, dug into finances, and checked who they supported and donated to. Will discuss in detail at Town Hall and DA. 

Mayor's race shaping into three person race. Stringer has allegations against him, but most unions who've endorsed have stuck. Allegations are allegations. Our group that first endorsed says we should continue.

Never thought we'd go back to Bloomberg days. Yang isn't billionaire, but is tied with this group. Adams is tied with Students First. We will get word out.

Questions/ Answers

September looks like fully open. Three foot rule may be rescinded. Numbers are going down even as we test 70K people a day. Will see about masks and ventilation. 

Some candidates say reason school isn't open is UFT. Reason school IS open is UFT. Parents reluctant to come back.

Snow days--Have we agreed that every teacher in NYC will have a remote classroom set up? We have not. This is a collective bargaining issue. Understand need to cover snow days, but we need to work on this negotiation. Will not just say every teacher responsible for live and remote.

We will be flexible to get enough people to teach summer school, but only for this year. Vaccination status will be protected, but don't believe there will be accommodations based on vaccination choice. No one mandated to take vaccine.

When state opens on May 19, we will see rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated. Will be more seating for vaccinated in restaurants, perhaps. There are reasons to be vaccinated. 58% with at least one shot, have to get to 70.

What is right date to increase TDA for retro check? We will come up with correct answer and allow people to choose.

Health care updates? 

Mulgrew--Mediator at MLC cannot go forward because our questions haven't been answered. 

Class size funding?

Work very closely with city council, and it's important that most of our friends are leaving. Need new friends.

Moskowitz mandating vaccines, will we take a position?

Doctors who advise us say integrity of these vaccines is unprecedented. I get emails on both sides. People need to think this through. If we don't hit 70%, this will be around for years. Will be no medical accommodation based on people not wanting to be vaccinated. Not medical condition. 

Any update on learning environment surveys?

Looked through it, should be coming out soon.

Laptop retrieval from grads?

Have not discussed it. This is their issue. 

Snow days, outside boroughs, when teachers' kids have snow days?

No word, but if school's open, it's open.

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