Friday, September 24, 2021

Boy Wonder Deals With Class Size

You always try to hope for the best, no matter what. These days especially, you hope for supervisors to be reasonable. After all, half the country is traumatized and terrorized, and the other half is deluded by demagogues on cable news. 

Given the tension everyone is feeling, you'd think some of Bloomberg's crazy supervisors would restrain their worst instincts.

Of course that won't happen. Their worst instincts are their only instincts, and hey, they used them to score the gig. If it worked this time, why wouldn't it make them principal? Superintendent? Chancellor? Dictator for life? Whatever works.

So I shouldn't be surprised to receive a story like this one in my email. But I was. You'd think, at my age, I wouldn't be so naive. But there it is:

Today my boy wonder AP comes in for a "walkthrough." Boy wonder AP takes note of the board, the bulletins, the lesson plan folder, and then says "It's very crowded in here. There's no social distancing right now."

"Yes, there's over 30 kids in here." I didn't say the second part, which is that it's hard to socially distance with 34 kids in a half-classroom.

Boy wonder AP frowns. "You can improve the spacing." I saw on his clipboard that "spacing" was one of the sticky notes he had written out.

"How? There's over 30 kids, two of whom are sitting at my desk because there's not enough desks."

Boy wonder AP furrows his eyebrows. Obviously, his clipboard full of sticky notes did not have an answer for this issue.

Finally, his eyes lit up. He had a solution! "If we move the teacher desks and bookshelves out of the room, then we can have another row of student desks."

It evidently doesn't occur to him that teacher's desk or no teacher's desk, it's impossible to have much "spacing" in a half-classroom with a roster of 34.

There's another science teacher teaching the same class. Her class only has 15 kids. I suggested moving some of my roster to hers to even out the rosters. Tada! We'd get the "spacing."

Boy wonder AP frowns again. "Miss ____ says she likes her classes small."

Well, don't we all.
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