Sunday, January 02, 2011

Andy Cuomo Asserts His Values

Who's important in NY State? Millionaires, of course. Newly-placed Governor Andrew Cuomo has laid down the gauntlet. 900 people can lose their jobs, and that's OK with him. But it would be unacceptable to continue a tax on those making more than 200K per year. Apparently, it's alright for people to have no income whatsoever. Still, top earners aren't making enough for our new governor.

Incredibly, the 900 layoffs are said to face opposition from "special interests." The special interest, in this case, is working people interested in continuing as working people. Unions, says the article, refused to contribute 250 million in savings. Yet Cuomo, by declining to continue this tax, is costing the state four times that.

It's outrageous on the face of it that Cuomo would favor the rich over the middle class. But it's nothing new. President Obama just passed a "compromise" that breaks his campaign promise to eliminate tax breaks for the top 2% of the population. So Cuomo is pretty much status quo. Watch later this week for his specific plan to take on the unions. Perish forbid working people should have any power at all in the United States of America.

Are we ever gonna wake up and begin electing people who give a damn about us? Or are we gonna stick with folks like Cuomo, Obama, and Bloomberg, who clean the streets and make life better only for the rich, while the rest of us are left picking up the tab and shoveling ourselves out?
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