Thursday, January 27, 2011

"MTA Bus Service Is Suspended Until Further Notice, But We're Still Not Sure If School Should Be Open"

Snarky headline aside, I think we're all relieved that we can stay home today. Mr. Eyre directed my attention outside just before I hit the hay last night, and I was not looking forward to shoveling my car out in the dark this morning. I am a hardy soul, mind you; I come from a region that gets its share of wintry weather, and I have driven in snow enough to not be freaked out by the prospect. But today is a ridiculous day to try to have school. Good call, I say, Ms. Black.



When I woke up in the wee hours this morning to find out if I'd have to stay awake or if I could go back to bed as soon I finish this post, I noticed I had a text message from NotifyNYC from 12:40 a.m. When I read the text, I learned that MTA bus service was "suspended until further notice."

All bus service. In the whole city.

My first reaction was that if school wasn't closed, I would actually have to take the day off. I do drive, but the bus is my backup in snowy weather, and with no buses running, I figured it was far too dangerous for me to attempt the commute.

I found out, of course, a few minutes later (via text) that my worries were over and I could enjoy a lie-in. Great, but you do have to wonder why school wasn't called off when the bus decision was made. If it's too dangerous for ginormous buses with chains on their tires, it's clearly too dangerous for most cars, and many kids and teachers who depend on the bus will be actually unable to get to school. Did they really need another 4 hours to think about it? Did they think everything would be cleared up by 5 a.m.?

5 a.m. is not a magical hour (as those of us who typically wake up around this time can attest). Suspension of bus service is a pretty good sign that people can't or shouldn't attempt a commute. Call it earlier under such circumstances.

Anyway, enjoy your day of grading and lesson planning in your sweatpants on your couches. Miss Eyre will be back in a few hours, after a few delicious extra hours of sleep.
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