Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Prouder

Miss Eyre had to go home sick a few days ago, something that throws quite a bit of a monkey wrench into one's day when one is a teacher. At an office job, most likely you'd just tell the boss, send an e-mail, maybe cancel an appointment or two, and be out the door. But here's my "oh God I can't take it anymore I HAVE to go home" routine:

1.) Send a note to the secretary to see who's available to cover;

2.) Hide anything interesting in my classroom;

3.) Track down two reliable students from my afternoon classes to serve as student aides for the unfortunate ATR who had the pleasure of covering my classes;

4.) Figure out how to get the computer lab keys returned;

5.) Post incredibly detailed instructions on the whiteboard for my students to cope in my absence;

6.) Print extra copies of seating charts and handout; and

7.) Be on my cell phone to my doctor begging for an appointment WHILE trying to explain the relationship between a claim and a counterclaim to a confused but dogged young lady rewriting an essay for the third time.

Well, nevertheless, I made it out the door, fretting, as usual, about what would happen in my absence. As it turns out, I didn't need to fret. When I spoke to my student aides, one excitedly asked me, "But can I scream?"

"Um, what?" I asked.

"Can I scream," she said. "You know, if they're not doing their work. Can I yell at them and tell them to do it?"

"Oh sure," I assured her, much, I imagine, to the chagrin of my colleague next door. "Scream away."

Whatever she did must have worked, because I got a nice note from the sub and an e-mail box full of work that the students sent me.

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