Friday, June 02, 2017

Boy Wonder Goes Norming

Crap this is boring. Blah, blah, blah, triangles. Square this, square that. If only I can keep my eyes open for long enough to write this down...13, 14, 15 kids raising their hands. Let me make a quick note....

Only two students raised their hands.

That's show 'em. Jeez, what is this idiot next to me writing. How the hell did he ever get to be AP? Asked penetrating questions.  Heh. "Penetrating." I don't even know what this teacher is talking about. Jeez, is it fifteen minutes yet? That son of a bitch chapter leader will toss another one of my observations if I don't stay for the whole 15. Man why do they make this so damn hard?


That makes me feel just a little better. Well, sorry, but this teacher just doesn't make me want to go out and draw these triangles. I mean, she isn't even wearing a skirt. When I get my school, all the teachers will wear skirts.

Let me look over at what that son of a bitch at the next desk is writing. Highly effective? Students are engaged? What drugs is this guy taking and where can I get some? You know, I kind of hate walking all the way to the barber shop to buy drugs.I wonder if there are some kids in the building I can buy from. Maybe I could raise a few grades and get them for free. Oh man. I just wrote that on the school iPad. Let me cross it out. Do those tech guys see this stuff? Maybe I should buy my own iPad.

I'm gonna have to talk my pal in the next seat into lowering those ratings or there's gonna be even more norming. I don't want to spend even more time with one of those assholes who rates everyone effective. Jeez, why can't we just go out last period Friday and write up the teachers who have too many absent kids?  Man, I cannot stop thinking about that Popeye's commercial. Two pieces of chicken, two sides and a biscuit for five bucks? For ten bucks, you buy two and that's a meal. Plus at Popeye's you can refill the drinks, so fifteen Coca Colas is not out of the question. Mmmm. Fifteeen Coca Colas.

Three minutes and forty five seconds and I'm outta here. But no. This bozo's shaking his head like he wants to stay the whole period. Can I just leave even if he stays? Oh my gosh he's writing again. Excellent engagement? What the hell is up with that? These kids are all sitting around drawing triangles. They're talking about a bunch of crap that I can't even understand. And they aren't even throwing in big words. Where's the rigor? Where's the grit?


Oh my gosh this idiot is writing highly effective and I'm not even high. Jeez, are we gonna have to talk about this crappy lesson? I have to get to the barber shop and it's at least a twenty minute drive over to Popeye's. Man, why can't they build one of those joints around here? Nah. Then I'd have to share the chicken with the students and that bitch Feinstein. They'd all be, "Oh, I saw Mr. Wonder at Popeye's."

Oh crap! A fire drill! And me with only two minutes to go. What a waste of time! And now this idiot is going to want to talk about how wonderful the lesson is. Maybe I can slip off to my car. I could probably get over to Popeye's have a nice fifteen Coca Cola lunch, make a quick run to the barber shop, and get back to the school in an hour or two. I'll say I was inspecting the perimeter. Jeez, where did I hear that word? What does that even mean? Well, probably no one will ask.

Oh man! This guy wants to talk to me about the lesson. We can't write it up. Doesn't he know that? What the hell is the point? Hmm... maybe I could write the teacher up during the fire drill. Look at that. She's just standing there talking to some student. And a lot of the kids are just standing around doing nothing.


I don't care I'm writing it up. And if the other guy doesn't, I'll call it dereliction of duty. That's the ticket. You know what's wrong with this system? The idiots they hire. I don't know how this guy ever became AP, and I'm never going norming with him again. When I become principal, you can bet I'm not bringing this douchebag with me. He loves this, he loves that. Highly effective all over the place.

I can tell you one thing, that guy is never gonna make principal.
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