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UFT Executive Board June 5th--Homophobes Yes, ATRs No

6 PM—Howard Schoor calls us to order.


Not here at the moment.



President's Report--Mulgrew not here.

Staff Director’s Report—LeRoy Bar
r—PS 15 book giveaway event Saturday, Brooklyn PS 105 book event, also Saturday. DA June 14, Last EB June 19.


Arthur Goldstein
--MORE--Given the near certainty of impending US Supreme Court decisions it seems a good idea for our union to expand, rather than abridge fundamental democracy.

In 2011, there was an ATR agreement voted on by the Executive Board and the DA. In 2014, there was an ATR agreement that was part of the UFT Contract, and of course we voted on that too. This year, we have an ATR agreement that was not voted on by the DA, or any rank and file, let alone ATRs. Clearly there is precedent for us to vote on ATR agreements.

Why was that precedent not followed this year?

Schoor—No obligation for us to have a vote on ATR agreements. I see there is a resolution and we can debate that.

Mike Schirzer
MORE—Jason from Art and Design couldn’t make it. Asked me to report. Probationary teacher was asked to spy on union chapter and report on meetings. Confessed this to DR Alice O Neil. Article 23 was good step but they want more steps. People given low ratings, afraid to have chapter meetings. UFT sent chapter advocate who saw principal threaten the chapter. Asks that Mulgrew visit. Can UFT pursue case against principal for anti union animus?

Wayne Clark
—Ms. O Neil cannot answer question because we just completed investigation. There are points that show he is targeted and intimidated. I was contacted by SLT chair, asked about SLT behavior protocol. Answered their bylaws control it. We see pattern of investigatory processes to intimidate. People want a quick fix. I agree with some of their arguments. I would like results. Superintendent Marisol Rosales part of problem.

SchirtzerMORE--Started out only as CL, now other unionists being targeted. No quick fix, but they need something.

Clark—I have held chapter meetings, though not this year. Union presence is there. Group of fearful people, which is understandable. We have won APPR complaints. We will give them due process and keep on pressure.

Sterling Roberson
—At Art and Design, Alice and I have gone into building. Bottom line is we make sure they have ability to have meeting. Principal was unavailable when we were there. We do have meetings. Idea is what happens after that. Will update.

Jonathan HalabiNew Action—Outstanding success was CPE 1. Have new principal, all are glad. Were charges raised that had no basis, letters excluding parents. When they do these things we need to seek redress. How are we going against those who raise false charges?

Schoor—We’ve been talking, but I will update on CPE 1. Met with parents, admin, school safety, will hopefully go forward with acceptable plan. Will pursue other means of redress. Looking at which supes work with us and which don’t.

Marcus McArthurMORE—New approach to admin, like CPE 1 and Art and Design. Said our strategy was to focus on supes. Have those conversations begun? What can you share about dealing with principals?

Schoor—Yes, we have had and will have consultation next Monday to highlight various supes. Evolving process. Looking at it carefully. Will do something. Not sure what. Chancellor says she has best supes ever.

Kuljit S. AhluwaliaNew Action—ATR agreement—buyout package publicized. Is there an ATR workshop? Is Eval process the same? Can they be forced to teach out of license? Money not everything.

Amy Arundell—Meetings every September about rotation, assignments, interviews. We take individual questions. Have had meetings every year for five years. This agreement limited to two things.

Kuljit S. AhluwaliaNew Action—Those who do opt for package—Are they entitled to lump sum payments?

Arundell—If they retire, they get lump sum. If they resign, they don’t.

Schoor—better than last 20K agreement.

Tom Brown—We will answer pension questions for any ATR. Will give individual consults.

6:21—Mulgrew arrives.

Mulgrew--Says we had CTE team from NYC come in first at national. Horace Mann HS.
Now four mayoral control different bills in Albany. Some give charters some, some give everything,

We have a waiver bill in case of Janus. NY Post not a fan. Some GOP support in Senate.
Thanks Amy, Ellen Procida for ATR agreement. We have right to negotiate for ATRs. Convinced City Hall we need this issue to go away. Nothing stopping city from placing people if they want to. We will see where they move. Thanks Tom Brown and pension people.

Everyone’s situation is different, and people should go to borough liaisons for info. Emailed all ATRs we are aware of.

Finished city budget Friday. Had great state budget, will see where mayoral control goes, but there is support for education and community learning schools, pre K. Want strong city budget.

By next year we will be right to work state and nation.

We got everything we asked for. Increase in teacher choice, CLCs, PLC, Brave, Dial a teacher. We
had a breakfast here and people spoke to program people. Paid huge dividends because they understood programs.
some tie tax credit. Our main issue in Albany.

6:29 Mulgrew leaves.

Schoor—ATRs came up at many meetings. Not done until it’s done.

Report from Districts

Tom Murphy—Retiree luncheon. Many winners, 50 and 60 years. Going to rally tomorrow on kickstarting 2018 campaign.

Janella Hinds—Very proud to report on prom boutiques. Served 4,000 students at various locales. Partnership between middle schools and high schools. Need more men’s clothes but everyone left with something. Thanks Adriana O Hagen and Ellie Engler.

Tom Brown—TRS board divested from thermal coal companies, and divestment has been completed. Working with Mercer to assess impact of climate change on our investment portfolio. Global Climate Index AODP ranks which funds have least harmful effect on environment, TRS 40 in world and 9 in US.

Political report—Paul Egan—Thanks members for coming out to City Council, for breakfast. Will be elections before big one in November with Constitutional Convention. AFL group has website. Will be flyers and info that is downloadable.

We have more endorsements. Adding Francisco Moya, well known to us, will be loss in Albany. Opponent is Hiram Monserat, about as corrupt as you will find. Various other names.

Jonathan HalabiNew Action—Given what we are facing in DC, what we do elsewhere matters a lot. We need to make sure we have solid people in cities and localities who share our values against hate and fear mongering. Fernando Cabrera calls himself social conservative. Says people don’t know how conservative his district is. Funded by right wing super PAC. Also homophobe and open about it.

Given where he stands, we cannot trust him. Strongly recommends no endorsement. In addition, ambivalent on public funding for private education.

First 7 pass.

Egan—Disagrees about Cabrera. Has voted with us on every issue. With regard to homophobia, I think this is an exaggeration. He is a minister with religious belief. Has not gotten up and voted in that regard. He isn’t perfect. DRs brought him in. We talked about legislation in regard to gay marriage, has never voted against it. Spoke about charters, has not made any votes in regard to that. Says his track record justifies endorsement. We never know what they will do in the future.

Schoor—Calls Vote—endorsement passes.

Egan—Contingency resolution—Things happen, and in some races we have not made recommendations because we haven’t gotten everyone in. Will be a primary. Allows Exec. Board to vote on any endorsements between June and September.


Mike Schirtzer
—-MORE—Motion to Vote on ATR agreement. Text below:

Whereas the UFT Constitution states in ARTICLE V EXECUTIVE BOARD-SECTION 6.  that "The Executive Board shall direct the affairs of this organization"

Whereas ARTICE VII DELEGATE ASSEMBLY- SECTION 6 states "The Delegate Assembly shall have the power to legislate all matters"  and has repeatedly been referred to as "the highest decision making body of our union" by President Michael Mulgrew

Whereas UFT members under the title "ATR" do not have a chapter of their own, nor a chapter leader or delegate

Whereas an agreement regarding  the status of ATRs was bargained and signed by representatives from the UFT and City of New York without the formation of a committee to do so, nor a vote by this executive board or the DA

Resolved that there will be meetings in the five  boroughs for ATRS to discuss and vote  on any agreement regarding their status

Be it further resolved that the UFT DA and Executive Board will discuss and vote on any agreement in accordance with the UFT Constitution  and consistent with our union's democratic process 

Mike Schirtzer
—-MORE—We know there was an ATR agreement. Concerned it was without democratic process, sets bad precedent. We will face Janus and we have to engage membership. DA highest decision making body. ATRs have no chapter or delegate. Should have been ATRs on committee.

Unions are under attack Public schools under attack. We have to involve members. As a union and exec. board we have responsibility to follow democratic process. We the UFT need to consult with people whose lives will be affected.

I know that whenever we raise a resolution everyone is obligated to speak against. If we said sky was blue Unity would say it was green.

Ellen Driesen—Can’t speak for every DR, but all of us have relationship with ATRs. I hear a lot that they want a buyout. I don’t think having an ATR in negotiation is good idea because pool is fluid. Important it go to CLs and DRs.

Stuart Kaplan—Spoke to two ATRs today. Were excited about opportunity to decide. Is an opportunity. We deserve to give ATRs that opportunity. No one would deny ATR the decision. Many demonized in media. We don’t negotiate for some. We negotiate for all.

Maria Callo—There will be open meetings. We represent ATRs. They do not need their own CL or DR. That’s what UFT leadership is here for. They deserve the right to bargain on their behalf. Reminding everyone that ATRs have a great opportunity. We cannot think about a small little part of a couple here or there.

Dolores Sozopone—We have always had a union leadership battle for us. ATR issue going on for long time. Have given elected officials authority to negotiate for us. That’s what they have done. Let ATRs make decisions for themselves.

Janella Hinds—ATR not iicense or title. They have an opportunity. We as leadership speak to members of that status all the time. We are engaging. Democracy takes on different forms.

Jonathan HalabiNew Action—Wants to recognize positive comments. I know that we as union stay in contact with ATRs. There is no assumption of anything but good faith. I believe agreement is good, but I haven’t seen it.

Schoor—on website.

Halabi—Point of resolution is not about fluid status but about concrete group of people. To build our union and make it stronger there should be some sense of consultation. Support is not the same. Challenging us to bring more of our members into our decision making

Priscilla Castro—calls question.


Resolution—fails on party lines.

We are adjourned.

Thanks to Jonathan Halabi.
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