Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Beats the Hell Out of Danielson Observations

I complain a lot, and I complain about almost everything. Some things I don't complain about are my students, or what goes on in our classroom. I also don't write a whole lot of personal stuff on the blog, as I generally don't wish to bore people to death.

However, I lost my father last week. Some of my students heard about it and wrote me things, a few of which you will find below.  I've covered or folded over the names, and the last one is from a group.  They are all beginning students of English.

Notice the little bag in the picture, full of bars that say, "Don't sad." This is from a girl who was very shy, and who has recently learned to smile in my class. She now does it a lot.

In the second one, a student apologizes for her attitude, even though I never recall her having a negative attitude at all. She's certainly got a better attitude than I ever will.

There are some things that happen, and all you can do is say, "I'm sorry." My students are, thankfully, too young to know that, so they tried some other things. I've received cards, and I've received everyone's sympathy. I'm grateful to everyone who sent anything whatsoever.

I'm really touched by their thoughts and wishes. I wish them all the happiness they wish me, and I hope in some small way my teaching them English gets them a little closer to it.

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