Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Notes from UFT Executive Board December 18, 2017--Chapter Leader for Newly Signed DOE Managers but Still None for ATRs

by special guest Mike Schirtzer

Open Mike

No speakers-everyone is bitterly disappointed says Schoor.


Mulgrew will not be here

LeRoy Barr-upcoming Wednesday 6-8pm emergency tax protest sponsored by Manhattan borough president and scott stringer- at John Jay college 
Asking people to come out
Final vote by congress maybe this week
Rewards the rich takes away from middle class
Contract committee is meeting 1/10 all members of ex bd are on 
Must sign confidentiality agreement
Will hear foundation and where we are going
Next ex bd is 1/8


Mike Schirtzer- Do Ctle/PD hours can hours we do in school count? Will the doe train our people in the schools?- 

A--UFT is licensed we don’t know  Doe plan, they can bring in UFT, but they do not have any formalized plan yet

Q--Class size violations- How many oversized classes are there? 

A--need report- DOE sent us numbers-next ex bd we will report back.

Maternity/parental leave- demonstration possible, no progress, we wil not take a bad deal. Every formula they show up with benefits city, hurts us, we need numbers that are fair and work for us. If we don’t get something soom we’ll take action

KJ--New Action--asks about consolidation of schools and resulting excessing.

A--One school may be working well, another isn’t- we are in agreement with doe- small schools made during Bloomberg admin, 2 JHS in same building, better to combine and cut down on administration. We will propose combining excess lists

Closing schools, school in the Bronx where kid get killed, PEP in feb or march we will get full list
We had people in those schools this morning that are being closed or consolidated to speak with our members

Some of those we agree with doe, some we do not.

Jonathan Halabi- Janella and I formed a committee on specialized schools, Janella testified in front of city council on integration- can we consider task force on high school admission process which sets up schools and children to be winner or losers?

Janella Hinds answers – I participated on diversity task force set up by mayor- it will be up and running for next year on diversity, access, and equity. We will cover admissions process, there will be DoE offcials and students along with me on this committee. We need to figure out pathway and what admissions will look like. 

District report

Howie Schoor

We now represent people who work in borough offices for DOE, over 90% yes vote.
City managers-lost on parental leave, that’s why they came with us. They got 2 and 2 percent raises, they lost holidays, so we got them a lot of things back. Happy about approval contract. Over half of chapter came in person at borough offices and they really appreciated UFT. If we weren’t here DOE would do same things to our members and take stuff from us too. Thank everyone who helped. They are great people and smart. They will have a chapter leader. DoE is not very happy, this is their managers

Mel Aaronson –treasurer-something nice in tax law, part of the proposed tax bill was tax profits of pensions, which would have taken money from us and our pensions. We fought and kept that provision out, that bill passed, but pensions will be safe

Paul Egan-legislative report- Paul mentions how eagles beat giants
We want a speaker of the city council that we can work with,. Before xmas we will know who it is. Looks like someone from Queens or Bronx. That will be in place before we come back.

Ex bd vacancies

Dwayne Clark nominates  Sung Lee CL of community school, very active-comes to every event, rallies, great asset to UFT- he is young and engergetic –young dad wants to stay active. Great asset to elementary division. Hereby elected since no other nominees

Leroy Barr nominates Elizabeth Perez started as bilingual PS 160 worked tirelessly as UFT served as special rep and political action coordinator and now is leader of Brooklyn office. She is taking on tyranny of administrators and modified many of their behaviors
Hereby elected since no other nominees

Jonathan Halabi--New Action--nominates Kate Martin Bridge
Math teacher and chapter leader, was a NYS auditor before that, has been active as a delegate, has been helpful in those that have been excessed. Stepped in as CL for small school. Previously served as HS ex bd member
Hereby elected since no other nominees
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