Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Boy Wonder Goes to a Meeting

Boy Wonder sat in his office, wondering how he was going to present this to the principal. He had given Ms. Greenblatt a letter in file for not placing a rubric on the bulletin board, and she was bitching about it, and everything else, as usual. Rubrics were important, Every time he sat through some stupid meeting there were rubrics. How would parents know what grades were based on if there weren't rubrics? Just because the teacher wrote comments explaining exactly why she gave the grade? No way.  If Greenblatt didn't do rubrics, the department might follow, and there would be no rubrics at all, and then what would he get them on?

But she went and called a meeting with the principal. That bastard had better back him up. One day that lowlife would retire, and it would be his turn. Nothing would stop him. And when he was in charge, really in charge, things would be different. No more of this lollygagging around. Everyone would do exactly what he said, when he said, how he said. Being assistant principal was hungry work. You know what would hit the spot right now? A double Whopper with cheese. And not one of those Impossible Whoppers made with soy, or cardboard, or whatever they made them of. No, a real frigging Whopper. Nothing else would do. Anyway, time to go to the office.

Oh my gosh. They started without me. How could they do that? Don't they know that I'm indispensable? Who's gonna speak for rubrics without me. Chapter Leader was blathering on about this and that.

"Do you really think that parents look at rubrics," he asked. "Likely as not, parents don't even know what rubrics are. Surely what they're interested in is seeing the work their kids did. Also, how often are parents in the building, let alone looking at bulletin boards?"

"I understand," said the principal.

That bastard! He should be standing up for me, but NOOOOOO! Why doesn't he just throw this piece of crap out of his office. Boy Wonder's stomach started rumbling. How long am I gonna have to sit here, he wondered. I want to hop in my car and get straight to Burger King. Don't I have a coupon in the glove compartment? I hope I didn't leave it at home. Free large fries. Mmmmmm....What is Chapter Leader going on about now?

"Anyway, the UFT Contract says the formation of bulletin boards ought not to be dictated, and..."

What? Are you kidding? How were bulletin boards full of rubrics going to happen if he couldn't order people to create bulletin boards full of rubrics? It was time to speak up, and defend his right to tell people what to do!

"Well, Chapter Leader never came to me and discussed that, ever!"

"Well, Mr. Wonder, I don't find speaking with you to be a productive use of my time."

What? What the hell did that mean? How dare he! No one speaks to me like that.

"WELL, you've made THAT quite clear!"

There. That should show him.

"I'll take it under advisement," said the principal.

WHAT? What the hell did that even mean? If I were the principal, I would have punched his face out for that, at the very least. This guy was a wuss. The only solution was to not even sign out, go straight to Burger King, and order two, no THREE double Whoppers with double cheese. And what the hell, why return to the building after that?

It was time to develop a new initiative to keep those friggin teachers in line. He'd think of something. Right after Burger King.
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