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UFT Delegate Assembly November 2019--DOE's Instructional Leadership Is a 33% Solution, at Best

Special thanks to Jonathan Halabi for taking notes this month, while I went home to catch up on sleep.

Michael Mulgrew--Welcome to the November DA

Moment of silence for Lila Ezra, who played important role in starting Member Assistance Program

Election. Lousy turnout in NYC. But UFT member turnout high. All UFT endorsed won.

Welcomes Melinda Katz. She thanks UFT. Calls out Mulgrew, Dermot Smyth. Kept PS42 and IS53 open. Got a principal at Townshend Harris who we want. Got rid of principal at Forest Hills.
Need to change C30.  Need all the resumes, not just the five the superintendent sends.  And Common Core? Talks about her kid crying over math, which should be the international language.  Safety depends on getting kids programs they need. We can manage together to keep kids out of the system.

Empower Organize Engage
Political Action Teams for each district. Anyone here – or anyone in your building.
City Council term limits – high turnover coming up. We want to get UFT members running for those seats.

AFT – national presidential forum in December in Pittsburgh. We are going to continue to wait. Asked us to wait until after big forum in December.

New York votes the right way. Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida – that’s the whole race right now. Our retirees do great work. We will help in Florida. Pennsylvania. Ohio is used to us calling in.

Personally, opposes DeVos. There are people who support the current administration. But not of them, when he asks, support DeVos. We are about public education.

NYSUT – this is the last year we should be using common core in NY City. They claim every teacher has been trained in Next Generation standards. We know it is not true. Next year test will be based on NG standards. We have to get trained.

Says NYSED Used teachers to design new standards. State is forbidden to give us curriculum. Each LEA has obligation to supply curriculum.

We have to be trained what the standards are. We need curriculum to math standards. Haven’t had this in NYC since the 70’s.

City has already put out the Instructional Leadership Framework. We approved three pieces of state plan. Instructional Leadership Framework. Advanced Literacy. Culturally Sensitive Training.  City only did the first, and only did half, and left out curriculum and training. CSA complaining along with us.

Once we raised concerns about what had not happened at DoE, some of the folks who were responsible starting sending emails.

Show of hands who has had admin tell them they must align lessons to NG standards. (Scattered hands, maybe 30 – 50%).

Sick and tired of principals who don’t know what to do, or who make it up as they go along. When they ask the folks who should support them, they get a “why are you bothering us?”

Goal was to have all class size done by Thanksgiving. Last official arbitration day will be next Tuesday. They are all done. One school, usually 50 a year, down to 4, and they have a remedy on the table.

66.1% of schools have done real consultation. You should give yourself a round of applause. Last year we barely got to 60%.
(Mulgrew is discussing reporting, not consultation.)

Call Center. “Building a Community” Will build a “Chapter Leader Community”.  Going to be built by what CLs tell us.

Class size. Check.
APPR. Long way to go
Curriculum – got a plan
Special Ed – have to fix it. Things in corrective action plan – some of them being fixed.
Changing IEPs
Common Planning

We did not say every school should supply every service, because that is not possible. Joel Klein program. Klein incentivized pushing kids into ICT. Our responsibility to push kids to less restrictive environment. Teachers used to hold kids where they were doing well.

Homeless population. We need to do something.

Teachers Choice soon. $250 for teachers. Date under discussion (2 choices).  Submit the receipts. We all need to spend the money,

Wishes us all a nice thanksgiving. Off to a good start, much more to do.
Report ends 5:12

Leroy Barr
In the 50 building right now and after the DA, Free flu shots

Support LBGTQ empowerment dinner tomorrow

Ongoing coat Drive, please donate hats, scarves,

Coalition for the homeless holiday party December 7, please bring unwrapped toys to the children in the city. There are 110000 homeless kids in the city.

Kwanza celebration--4 – 8 pm 12/9 Brooklyn office

January 6 three kings celebration. Details TBA

Raised funds for hurricane Dorian relief funds. UFT delivered goods to student sheltered at Hampton University. Thank Black Caucus

Raised over 5k to support families on the border

Change in citywide para rep meeting from November 21 – November 26. 52 Broadway

Next DA 12/11

Wishes us happy Thanksgiving.

Question period

Yonah Adikah – SRP, Special Ed. Tonight you said Least restrictive environment. I remember back to Jeol. Klein. Seemed like precursur to discharge. Not a fan of holding on to kids who don’t need service. How do we ensure that Least Restrictive is Most Appropriate

This is the whole fight right here. We are going to find the balance.

Teacher from D79, adult ed
Students come without IEP. We accept any student who comes to our door. Administration says “we do not have special ed”.  So we teach kids who we know are special ed, but not classified. Can we have training? Can we have special ed education for ALL teachers?

We are going to start that process, not just in adult ed. We see higher proportion of D79 kids with special needs. Are they being shunted there?  Happens out of NYC in BOCES. You have to have the proper support to teach anyone no matter who the student is.

Kate Martin-Bridge. CL Schuylerville Prep.
Project enrollment 338. Actual 430. Down to 400. We have to deal with budget projection, all the OTC, and haven't got the staff.

Principal can move the numbers. We have a state funding problem and a City problem. Mulgrew Testifying about CFE. Will emphasize 110000 homeless students and Problems with state formula. More affluent districts have more clout, more money. Need to deal with it.

City level. Fair student funding. Schools should not be billed teacher cost.
OTC, there are budget people who should figure things out.
Programming is omplicated. Services are tough, and even tougher when people from above say,  "You – figure it out."  Bad practices become regular.
About one third of principals think it is normal to change IEPs.
Funding should be for class, not for child.

Huge fights at state level and at the city level

Marjorie Stamberg, Delegate, Pathways to Graduation. DACA, at the supreme court. We have children (and members – MM), I think we need to pay some special attention. In my school we had UFT committee to defend these children. We need to do this

Mulgrew - Likes idea of getting an information tree. Working inside of multiple coalitions on this issue. Working on other related issue. We have teams each month going to border. This issue is being used to get people to fight with each other.

Mulgrew - Sidebar – NYC was the worst in census last time. Census funds programs. We lost 1.3B in Title I. Pushing politicians to encourage participation. We need to do better.


Fran Myers. Delegate Adult Ed.
Resolution about U-ratings, based on 2007 resolution.

Mike Sill speaks against. U-Rating reso still in effect. Modified with contractual changes, but still in effect.


Mulgrew comments, sorry that Fran did not realize the reso was still in effect.


Janella Hinds. Resolution to support victims of Hurricane Dorian. Nicole Smith from D16 came up with the idea for providing resources to students who were displaced from the University of the Bahamas to Hampton University. Paul Taylor from the UFT Brooklyn Office drove boxes and boxes to Hampton.

No discussion.

Passes unanimously

Anthony Harmon rises to support reso on the census. Not about citizenship, but about a count.

No discussion.

Passes unanimously

Sterling Roberson. Resolution to support NYC Transit Workers. They are 6 months without a contract.

No discussion.

Passes unanimously

Ann Goldman. Reso on UFT strike anniversary.
George Altomare speaks in favor. Still talking.  19 is walking out.


Founders stand for applause.

Janella Hinds.  Musician union asking for support against Disney. Evidently Mickey is a rat.

No discussion.

Passes unanimously
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