Monday, June 14, 2021

UFT Executive Board June 14, 2021--Hybrid DA Proposal

UFT Secretary LeRoy Barr--Minutes approved, will vote on hybrid DA resolution tonight. Have met with chapter leaders, and are bringing this forth to debate and vote.  

UFT President Michael Mulgrew--CEC meeting tonight, will be leaving early. Good news is we have hit 70% mark which represents herd immunity. Has been long time coming. Happy that we are at high % and members embrace it. Temp agreement with DOE ends June 30th. We filed for impact bargaining since some schools are forcing digital classrooms. 

We will try to come to an agreement and roll it into new bargaining. We would like to start negotiations in the fall and open a negotiating committee. Each chapter will bring forth demands.

On July 1st we hope to file arbitration on last year's spring break. 

First live UFT event since last March, 5K run and walk. Thanks those who participated. 

Will meet with lawyer and negotiator on retiree healthcare. Nothing done yet. 

Volunteers are doing phone banks and leafleting, for over 50 races. We are doing unprecedented work. Comptroller's race tightening, and all races should tighten. No one knows how ranked choice will play out. There will be some candidate with no money or campaign who wins, perhaps. 

Working on DOE APPR. Called City Hall. We have a pretty good agreement, but this can't just sit. On the table with DOE and need them to decide which way to go. Most principals have submitted evaluations already. Assuming since work is done, they want to move forward. We are in pretty good shape with no one being harmed. 

Hot classrooms are an issue, and AC was supposed to be resolved three years ago. All mayoral candidates have agreed to dismantle DOE bureaucracy. Will speak to all Wednesday.

Resolution on hybrid DA--All will be able to vote. Motions and speakers will be in person. Proposed through June of 2022. 

Liz Perez--Motivates--Was a lot of discussion and compromise. Want all members to be engaged and this addresses that. Members have a choice to come in person with ability to vote, speak, present and amend motions. Members from home will be able to speak, vote and ask questions. Want to make sure all members are engaged. 

Barr--People participating via telephone will not be able to make motions, Will have option to appear in person. 

Camille Eady--Rises in support. Members have been supportive. Flexibility unparalleled. Will give opportunity for those uncomfortable with appearing in person.

Mike Schirtzer--Favor of option, thinks participation has been great, opposes motion, disenfranchises members. Want everyone at 52 but not all will fit. Some can't make it, hybrid should have all with full privileges.

Joe Sapri--Rises in support as written. Believes UFT has taken advantage of what has occurred and given delegates more opportunity to participate via virtual system. If someone is unable to make a motion, can share info with other people. Only thing it will do is increase engagement. 

Michelle Ferraro-If someone wants to speak, address a motion, that person can make arrangements to come in in person. This blended option increases engagement. Have seen it in other workshops, People can choose to come in when necessary. Supports resolution.

Rashad Brown--Are we also going back to regular time for QA Period?

Barr--Was extended for fully remote, going back to traditional rules.

Patty Crispino--Calls question. 

Melody Anastasio--You can plan ahead for child care, but not for an illness. I have experienced that. If something comes up and you are sick, you lose the right to make a motion. 

Barr--For multiple reasons, people may not be able to make it. We had those rules in place for now because things were difficult to manage. It has been impossible to manage the way we did when we were in person. Not trying to disenfranchise anyone. Question was called. 

Motion passes. 94% 

Barr--Looks forward to seeing people at DA. Goodnight.

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