Monday, June 21, 2021

UFT Executive Board June 21, 2021--Winding Up for the Year

UFT Secretary LeRoy Barr--Minutes have passed. 

Shelvy Abrams--Speaks of Para fest--was very successful.

Ellen Dreisen--TLC with District 20 started rough, but became successful webinar. 

Rashad Brown--Speaks of singing with Pride event and another that raised 5K. 

Michael Friedman--Campaigning with Bridget, who thanks us,

Tom Murphy--Thanks group called Comro. Last retiree meeting tomorrow.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew--Can't believe this is our last meeting. Has been a long year. We have never really stopped since March. Thanks us for weekly meeting. Says it helped guide us, were great questions. Hopefully we are near the end of this. There will still be challenges. Many conversations with Mark Canizaro. Mayor says there will be no remote, but we have schools that can't fit all kids with social distancing. State upset with DOE non-compliance. When things aren't right, we will say something.

September will look different. There will be changes but we will tackle them, be smart about it, make sure people know what's going on, and be there for one another. Next year we will decide whether or not to use regular Exec. Board schedule. Hybrid DA, Town Hall are new tools we can continue to use. We want to have a very large contingent on July 7 ticker tape parade.

Next year we should celebrate our families, our support systems. We will enact program to memorialize members who passed, who we can't ever forget.

Elections tomorrow. Board of Elections say results should be available July 12. Thanks political team. UFT is alive, well and aggressive on our campaigns. We need a sympathetic city council. Comptroller also very important. 

Questions/ answers

Mediator should make health care recommendation this week. In a group plan, we can manage the group. Now getting questions about what sort of expertise workers will need to advise company. Whichever company is not recommended will not be happy. MLC votes are weighted. No one can veto anything, but two closest groups are us and DC37. 

Bad principals--DOE decided to do APPR. Above 95% HE or E before MOSL even kicks in. We will go after anyone who doesn't do this correctly. Contract ends next September, not this year. Was mistaken at DA. We want to use entire year to start this. Not sure if de Blasio is even interested. If there is opportunity, we will take it.

Carbon free healthy schools--We should go in direction of net zero school. Now filming MLK HS, much improved in months and prime example of what you can do with existing school. Will use this to lobby. 

Not sure how to deal with Content Specialty Test CRT, at this moment. SED trying to get back in office, but governor has not deemed building open. Building across street deemed open. When they get in, we will have conversation. We will see how many buildings get AC in September.

Thanks all for coming to meetings every single week. Kept us focused at all times. Exec, Boards and DAs make me focus on things. Time now to try and get together safely. We made decisions that guided the union. We are here, in very strong position, met goals, but we can always do things better. That keeps you humble. 

Every week for a year and a half we got together to make sure we kept focused. You care about this union, and this union cares about its members. 

LeRoy Barr--Thanks everyone for staying on track for over a year. Wishes everyone a great and relaxing summer. 6:21

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