Monday, June 07, 2021

UFT Executive Board June 7, 2021 Ranked Choice Voting, Arbitration for Break Pay, Possible Rating Waiver, and More

UFT Secretary LeRoy Barr--Rally Thursday 3:30 Brooklyn Borough Hall--Hedge fund billionaires want sway in City Hall and we will speak against it. 

UFT President Michael Mulgrew--ERI--Problem was city wanted to increase rather than decrease head count--lots of federal money. Wasn't about titles anymore. They just didn't want to cooperate, and do not want people to retire. They can't fill the need in many titles. It was us, DC37 and DSA. Once federal money came in, city changed position. 

We are expecting teacher evaluation to be waived again. Not passed yet. Thanks to everyone for staying on top of issues. 

Will be changes in special ed. plan due to corrective action plan. Hiring psychologists and social workers should see changes. DOE has completely abdicated responsibility in IEPs.

Next year--not sure about masks for next year

Overcrowded schools--76 very problematic--and 200 merely problematic--looking into rental space and creative solutions. Want them to understand these schools need help even if there is no social distancing. 

Politics--very stormy out there--Thanks to people who are doing phone banks. We have challenges on mayoral side. No one knows what to do with ranked choice voting. We have some bad people trying to stop us. 

Retro--Agreement said we would get it on second paycheck in July. City has agreed to do it on separate check July 22nd. People have been asking for that. Worked for both them and us. If you want to change TDA you have to move quickly. 

Debra Penny--Email will come tomorrow. You can change back from July 1 to 15th. Will be email tomorrow. 

Questions/ answers

What will happen now is if ATR has a positive rating, they will be placed permanently. Has cost a lot of money. Principals were reluctant to hire senior teachers.

Mike Sill--Has been a long fight. They tried to make people miserable via weekly rotation and senior teachers had it rough. Now they will be placed permanently and their positions will be funded. Amazing how principals' issues disappear when money comes with them. Our enemies won't be able to use existence of this pool against us anymore.

Mulgrew--This is common sense. Talking with DOE, trying to open up everything officially. Governor said today that all COVID safety procedures are gone when everything hits 70%. We have an agreement that when this ends, grievances and arbitrations are open. First will be spring break. 

Summer school--I don't believe there will actually be 700 sites. Looking at safety. Still doing social distancing. Checking on AC. Waiting for DC to come back first and verify which sites will be utilized. Won't be anywhere near 200K. Over 14K applications

Bad principals--Keep filing things, stay on top of them and shine a late. Less than normal craziness this year, but always bad apples. 

Bryant--lots of turnover, terrible ratings, what can we do?

We will keep pushing issue, and at end we usually get result. Shame it can't be automatic. Principals say we make things up. Bryant on radar.

Single session--Will we go back?

This was about getting parent teacher conference remote, and we also got pre-approved SBOs. You don't have to fight at school level. Elementary can have 30 minutes in morning for planning. We can sunset it on yearly basis. We are filing impact bargaining claim against principals who insist on digital classrooms for next year. Sent letter today.

Last day of school, full day?

Will meet with them and ask for time to pack up classrooms. They suggested during prep periods or lunch break. That's unacceptable. 

We will monitor what happens in the state and focus on city budget. We will do a push for city council and deal with ranked choice. 6:26

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