Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Proud Achievement for Mr. Klein

Halfway through the school year, NYC School Chancellor Joel Klein has managed to reduce the number of oversize classes from 4300 to a more manageable 1000+. Imagine, just a little over a thousand classes where kids don't have seats. Perhaps they should produce a TV commercial proclaiming yet another victory for the "reformers."

Now this is based on DoE data, which is completely reliable. That's the same data they use to tell us that test scores have improved since Mayor Bloomberg took over. Never mind that NAEP data indicates otherwise. In any case, there are good reasons for those oversized classes and overcrowded schools.

First of all, there are always sports stadiums in need of building and expansion. Second, it's important to take buildings owned by the school system and convert them into condos. Finally, it's vital to devote prime school space toward charter schools, and as charters need small class sizes, they need more space than public schools. In any case, there are various toxic waste sites around the city which will eventually be transformed into public schools.

So remember, everyone, it's sports stadiums first, condominiums second, charter schools third, and then it's check out the toxic waste sites for the children, because in Mr. Klein's New York, it's always "Children First."
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