Sunday, December 23, 2007

NCLB Could Be Left Behind

Or so says the New York Times today. Democratic candidates are not showing a lot of enthusiasm for the law, and here's a reason likely to surprise no one:

...polls show that it is unpopular — especially among teachers, who vote in disproportionate numbers in Democratic primary elections, and their unions, which provide Democrats with critical campaign support.

Now that's teachers nationwide, of course (We're not talking about the United Federation of Teachers, in which fewer than 25% of teachers even bother to vote in union elections). Even Obama, who's cozied up with faux-Democrat Cory Booker and "reformer" Michael Bloomberg is saying there need to be changes.

For those of you feeling nostalgic over the imperiled NCLB, here's a brief quiz:
1. In the No Child Left Behind Act, Congress authorized a $5.6 billion spending increase for low-income children. However, President Bush budgeted only $1 billion for Title One. If Title One calls for $2,800 per poverty-level student, how many children are left behind?

a. 0

b. 1

c. 7

d. 1,643, 857

2. Teddy threw his support behind the No Child Left Behind Act because George had promised to fully _____________ it. When George presented his budget, Teddy felt _____________.

a. undermine, excited

b. comprehend, appreciative

c. transcribe, Betty

d. fund, betrayed

3. Correct the punctuation in the following sentence: "George W. Bush is the President who, in God's name, will protect our children."

a. The sentence is correct

b. George W. Bush is the President who in God's name will protect our children.

c. George W. Bush is the President. Who, in God's name, will protect our children?

d. George W. Bush is the President. Who, in God's name, will protect our children?!

Extra credit to anyone who can identify the author of this quiz, a current candidate for office.
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