Saturday, December 15, 2007

It Came from New Jersey

It lurked about, inconspicuous to the naked eye, anonymous, incognito, waiting for precisely the right time. It waited, like a crocodile, until it found the perfect moment to pounce. There is was, looking like every other car on the parkway, when suddenly it found its moment. It pulled out of the right lane, got ahead of me, and drove slowly. I mean really slowly, slower than its former companions in the right lane.

After a while, I realized what its plan was. It planned to keep right on driving slowly. I determined a course of action--I would speed up and pass it on the left. So I changed lanes, sped up, and lo and behold, it started going as fast as I was. I was trapped. What could I do? I got back behind it. Why not? It was keeping a reasonable pace. But then--ohmygosh--it slowed down again.

Fortunately, I was near my exit, so I decided to put up with it for a little while. But it took the same exit I did, went up the ramp, got to the green light, and stopped. Right there at the green light. I tried to pass it, but just as I did, it moved. It made a left turn, one that I was going to make, but I went straight, even though it took me out of my way.

I'm safe, for now. But beware. It's still out there.
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