Friday, May 05, 2006

F**k You, Motherf**ker!

That's what we're teaching 6-year-olds to say to their teachers, according to Bill O'Reilly.

For example, there are in New York City public schools, 6-year-olds going, "F you, you mother-F'er," in school, in the hallway. And the teachers are instructed not to say a word. You aware of that?

LIS WIEHL [Fox News legal analyst]: I wasn't aware of that.

O'REILLY: OK. That happens every day, all day in the public schools here in New York City.

Wow. My job must be worse than I thought. Media Matters gives chapter and verse of actual NYC regs that contradict Bill. I know a lot of people will say kids get away with that, and they're right--but that's only if they have teachers who tolerate it.

Any kid in my class who talks like that will live to regret it.

A few weeks ago I watched a kid blow a whistle in the hall, turn off a light switch, then saunter on down the hall as though he owned the place. I followed him into his classroom, got his name from his teacher, and confiscated his whistle. Then the kid called me a "f**king faggot." At that point, I wrote him up. The principal had just given a lecture about how he'd like us contributing to school tone, so my referral concluded "If there are not significant consequences for this, I will assume my involvement in these matters is no longer desired."

The kid defended himself by stating he hadn't called me a "f**king faggot," but a "f**king retard."

The charming young man was suspended for five days, and the next kid I see pulling that crap in the hall will learn there are consequences.
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