Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mayor Mike's Epitaph

I, for one, applaud the removal of sugary soft drinks from schools. If 30% of our kids are overweight, and 15% obese, that's way too high. And if adult rates are twice that, we're doing our teachers a favor as well. Typically, it's not nearly enough.

I stopped eating refined sugar, white flour, potatoes and white rice a few years back and lost a whole lot of weight. The only things Bloomberg's done that were worth doing were getting rid of white bread and soda from public schools.

Joe at the Chalkboard thinks this will remove one excuse for failure in public education. Me, I hardly see anyone saying the school's no good because of the menu. There's no excuse for failure, just as there's no excuse for withholding good teachers, small classes, and decent facilities from our kids.

But this is a positive step. One day, when people think back on and reflect on these years, they'll say,"Mike Bloomberg. Isn't he the guy who made that vile school food moderately more healthy?"
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