Monday, May 08, 2006

The Will of the People

Over on Edwize, the inimitable Leo Casey is once again pontificating about democracy. I posted a response, but it did not appear. I suppose they are moderating posts, or banning the opposition, so that UFT members, who pay the salaries of Unity writers, moderators, propagandists, and censors don't say anything too dangerous on the blog (which we also pay for).

God forbid anything should interfere with Leo's personal war of words with Eduwonk, every moment of which is supported by our union dues.

Before too soon there will be calls for a republican form of government!

Gadzooks, Leo! Does that mean UFT high school teachers will actually get to vote for their own vice-president? Does it mean nasty union members who question the value of contracts proposing more work and less pay will get access to member mailboxes? What would happen if too many UFT members found out what was actually in the contract?

Between us and that stand Leo Casey and Unity, champions of democracy.

Enough with this myth of democratic voice...

It's refreshing to see Leo Casey voicing his true philosophy, even if he's yet to acknowledge it to himself.
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