Monday, May 08, 2006

Tweedie Birds

So what do all of Klein's overpaid sycophants do all day? One thing on the agenda, clearly, is how to squeeze every last buck out of NY State taxpayers, whether they need to or not.

Do we need better teachers?
Do we need smaller classes?
Do we need safe, clean facilities?

Yes, these are vital priorities, but only if the state picks up the tab. Otherwise, we'll plod on with what we have and save up to build a stadium for some billionaire.

According to colleagues of mine who attended department meetings today, there's a new scheme to squeeze a few extra bucks from the state. On July 14th, NY State high schools are slated to give the Regents exam in Global Studies. This would generally preclude having students in attendance.

Under the new paradigm, in my school at least, students will attend periods 2 and 9 so as to have their official attendance recorded.

How many students will actually show up? If this doesn't work out, what will be the consequences for the geniuses who planned it?

There are reasons why dodos are extinct. Tweedie birds, however, seem fated to survive at least another 3 years.
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