Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Moral Dilemma

The clock in my trailer has stopped. The second hand still goes around in circles, but the minute and hour hands refuse to cooperate. As far as I can determine, this has not altogether halted the passage of time.

The clock in the trailer nextdoor, however, accessible through an unlocked passing door, seems to be perfectly functional. Furthermore, that trailer is completely vacant during my second teaching period. So should I go in and surreptiously make the switch?

My students, who came up with this notion, are of two minds. Some say it's wrong. Others say "Go on and do it." Yet another suggested I borrow it, and simply exchange clocks at the beginning of each week. That appeals to me, although there's the danger of certain colleagues determining the clock to be haunted or cursed, as it were.

So, which path should I take? Good, evil, or other?

Update: Someone has taken the initiative and switched the clocks! Perhaps the trailer is haunted after all.
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