Friday, December 16, 2005

High School Secession Extreme?

A few days ago, I suggested high schools ought to secede from the UFT, since it's opted to deny them representation. I still think that's a good idea. Is there a simpler option?

Sure. Get rid of Unity. Send the self-serving, useless, lying pack of them to Florida, or wherever old slugs crawl off to.

But the fact is, teachers of lower grades, who hugely outnumber us, vote en masse for Unity. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

Compare our leadership to that of the transit workers. Does anyone really want Randi to lie down for us again? Does anyone really want her hand-picked annointee to follow her time-honored poicy of accepting whatever comes down the pike and using our dues to pay useless sycophants, like the writers at Edwise (whose salaries we pay), to tell us what a swell job she's doing?

Of course someone does. The elementary teachers pick Unity each and every time. That's why Randi, in a blatant blow to democracy, amended the UFT constitution to add them to the pool selecting VPs, and thus deny us our choice.

How can we get rid of Unity when the elementary teachers think they're doing such a fantastic job? How can we get rid of Unity when the elementary teachers stand up and applaud at the concept of more work for less pay?

I'm all ears. And please, if I'm mistaken about the voting majority of elementary teachers, I'd love to hear it.
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