Friday, December 23, 2005

More Unity Wit and Wisdom

I recently posted a list of topics forbidden on Edwize, one being the transit strike. An anonymous poster, claiming to be a Unity hack, complained that I was too hard on Unity hacks, and that he made “FAR” less money than I did. I suggested teaching to this poster, since, apparently, it pays so well.

Here is the poster’s response:

NYC Educator or shall I call you Mr. Smarmy,You have no concept of the game of politics, and its complexity. (Not to mention how far reaching the Taylor Law really is. I'm sure you'd like the UFT to get entangled in the Taylor Law penalties for the TWU's strike...DUH.)

Do you see how clever that is? First, he calls me “Mr. Smarmy.” Can you see what he's doing? He’s saying that I’m smarmy, and is therefore calling me Mister Smarmy. It’s like you knew someone who was ugly, and called him Mister Ugly. Do you get it?

Then, the “Unity hack” boldly attempts to read my mind, stating that I’d like the UFT to pay Taylor Law penalties for the TWU’s strike. Not only that, but the poster demonstrates my ignorance that UFT members discussing the strike is unlawful. (Doubtless there are laws against discussing the UFT contract, or the lack of democracy within the union as well.) I must have been brainwashed by all that First Amendment stuff.

But the most devastating blow was yet to come. After the clever quip, and the clairvoyant episode, he cuts me to the quick, with the ultimate insult.


Words fail me. No wonder these folks win all the elections.

Aside, of course, from a one-sided paper, a one-sided blog, denying the opposition access to mailboxes, and forbidding high school teachers to choose their own reps.
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