Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Unity Asleep at the Switch Again

Unity tells us how lucky we are that we can no longer grieve letter in our files. The paid Unity hacks who write for Edwize will happily tell you that you’re somehow better off waiting until they accumulate enough of them to fire you before you should complain. While folks who don’t actually work for principals may be comfortable leaving real teachers to their good graces, there are those who’d disagree.

In an extraordinary column, NY Times education columnist Samuel Freedman exposes A Bully on the Wrong Side of the Principal's Desk.

Roberta Lehrman of Brooklyn Tech, a 17-year veteran, and by all accounts an exemplary teacher, had the temerity to speak critically of her supervisor and principal to New York Teacher. Oddly enough, many flaws about her teaching style became instantly apparent to said supervisor and principal.

I’d like to say that juvenile retaliation is rare among supervisory personnel, but anyone who’s worked in NYC for any period of time knows otherwise. It’s folly to put so much power in the hands of principals, and Unity, already defending Ms. Lehrman, should have woken up long enough to keep it out of the contract.
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