Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Unity at Work

Here’s a conundrum—professional Unity hacks Maisie and Leo Casey wrote columns in Edwize defending the UFT transfer program, which their party's crack negotiating team gave up, for nothing, in the new contract.

Maisie, one of our paid champions, wrote:

…forcing teachers to stay in a school, or go to a school they don’t want to teach in, is obviously a recipe for disaster. Teachers have options, and I bet many would quit rather than be subject to such a policy.

Leo Casey, 6-figure crusader for Unity, applauds her insights:

As Maisie
pointed out here at Edwize, only 515 teachers — not even 1% of all the teachers in NYC public schools — took a seniority transfer last year. Even more significantly, only 47 teachers — a little more than .06% of the total — transferred from a low performing school to a high performing school.

Good point. Leo. Too bad you failed to get it across during negotiations. Me, I love options, and
took advantage of the UFT transfer a few years back.

It was momentarily encouraging to see voices from Unity speaking up. Sadly, they failed to stand on principle. One can only conclude that Unity, when push comes to shove, has no problem with a policy that would, according to Maisie, compel many UFT members to quit.

The contest between principle and double pensions is a no-brainer for Unity hacks.
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