Wednesday, December 14, 2005

High School Teachers Need Our Own Union

Unity set up the voting system to preclude us from choosing our own leaders. They let all teachers vote for all vice-presidents, so as to keep us, the only contingent that has dared to reject Unity, from choosing a voice that represents our views.

They run a paper that does not reflect our views. They run a website not above having soon-to-retire Unity shills with new names printing lies, and purporting to be voices “from the trenches.”

Most of us will be teaching six classes next semester. We will all have building assignments in perpetuity. Principals can write whatever they wish about us, and the only chances we'll have to dispute letters comes when they’ve amassed enough of them to try to fire us.

For that, Unity cleverly negotiated an increase that doesn't even meet cost of living.

Perhaps a majority of elementary teachers happily embrace the notion of more work for less pay. I’m tired of moving backwards, and so are the majority of high school teachers.

If your building is infested with rats, but your neighbors adore them, the exterminator’s no help at all. Let’s get rid of our problem by seceding from the Unity-infested, undemocratic UFT.
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